So I just wanted to add a little personal story here… Just because I like to share about me and my past.
My name is Tessa and born in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. I’m part of a 4 member family: Mom, Dad, Little (read.. > 1.90m) Brother and me!
Ever since I was a young kid I loooovve singing, music and dancing. I started with dancing classes (streetdance) and later I took piano lessons and singing classes.
After auditioning for Pocathontas the musical (FanWork) I was hooked with musical!
One production wasn’t enough. After Pocahontas came the musical Hunchback of the Notre Dame (FanWork) and after playing Clopin I knew… I want to go professional in this business.

So I did…. I applied for  Muziektheater in Tilburg and got my Bachelor of Music after 4 years.
As of the last day of Muziektheater I had to do it on my own. First in Vienna and now back in the Netherlands as well.

If you want to hear me sing a song please check out my portfolio page above.
In case you want to talk about singing lessons or something else related to my art skills.
Send me an email on info@tessajill.com

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!